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Voyaging Vet Tech Services | All We Do is House Calls | Voyaging Vet Tech Services
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Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC is the first “house call only” veterinary practice of its kind in the Chippewa Valley area! We come straight to you and your pet, no travel, no struggling with placing pets in carriers and no noisy waiting rooms!! We provide veterinary care right where your pet is most comfortable, THEIR HOME!
Angels Among Us

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Patrice and Erin at the park


Voyaging Vet & Tech Services, LLC is committed to providing the best veterinary care for your pet in the comfort of their own home. We will strive to do what is best for you and your pet and make recommendations based on your individual situation; personalizing our care for just you. We strive to build trusting and long lasting relationships, and will be there for you throughout your pet’s life. When the time comes to say goodbye, we will also kindly and humanely assist you to ease their passing.


I had Patrice Anderson and Dr. Weiss over to my home to do a physical and check blood work on my 5 year old Newfoundland. He had tested positive for Anaplasmosis last spring and I wanted to get him rechecked and also have an overall physical done to check hips, knees, legs, etc. Reggie, my dog, was very relaxed being able to just lay on his bed and have the physical and blood drawn. No stress of having to go to the clinic with other animals around and unfamiliar smells. Dr. Weiss and Patrice were able to run the majority of the tests and gets results before they left my house. They were extremely professsional and empathetic with my situation. They also provided timely results of the bloodwork tests that needed to be sent to the lab and excellent feedback provided with a treatment plan for future care. Dr. Weiss provided me with a detailed explanation of causes and effects and possible outcomes. I would highly recommend Voyaging Vet & Tech Services for all your furry friends.